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Twenty Years in the Near East

by A. Hulme Beaman


by A.R. Norton


by Aamiry, M. A.

Blood Test

by Abbas Beydoun

Oil in the Arab States

by Abbusi, Muhammad Jawad


by Abcarius, M F

Rites of Asset

by Abd al-Hakim Qasim

I Want to Get Married

by Abdel Aal, Ghada

The Jungo: Stakes of the Earth

by Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin

Distant Train

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

Other Place, The

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

Birds of Amber

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

House of Jasmine, the

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

Egyptian Earth

by Abdel Rahman al-Sharqawi

Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language

by Abdelfattah Kilito

Arabs and the Art of Storytelling

by Abdelfattah Kilito

Duet for Freedom

by AbdelHamid, Dina


by Abdelilah Hamdouchi

World's Embrace, The

by Abdellatif Laabi

Rue du Retour

by Abdellatif Laabi

The Corsair

by Abdulaziz Al Mahmoud

Corsair, The

by Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud

The Holy Sail

by Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud


by Abdulkareem Kasid

Mountain of Green Tea, The

by Abdullah, Yahya Taher

Collar and the Bracelet, The

by Abdullah, Yahya Taher

Between Sips of Coffee

by Abdulrahman, Abdullah

Iraq-Iran War, The

by AbdulRahman, K. M.

Women's Ideal Liberation

by Abdulsalam, Rukaiyah Hill

Europe Speaks Arabic

by Abdur Rahim, Dr. V.

Nights of Mr Salman

by Abid, Karim

Tunisia (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

by Abigail Hole Michael Grosberg, Daniel Robinson, Rafik Tlatli

Belt, The

by Abodehman, Ahmed

Cairo Paris Melbourne

by Abou Elsaoud, Maher


by Aboulela, Leila

Lyrics Alley

by Aboulela, Leila

Last Chapter, The

by Abouzeid, Leila

Lebanon at Mid-Century

by Abraham, A. J.

African Titanics

by Abu Bakr Khaal

Caught In Between

by Abu El Assal, Riah

Thieves in Retirement

by Abu Golayyel, Hamdi

On the Duties of Brotherhood

by Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al- Ghazali

Nasser of the Arabs

by Abu Izzeddin, Neja M.

Survey of the Syrian Population in the Occupied Golan Heights, A

by Abu Libdeh, Hassan Hajjar, Lisa & Tarabieh, Dashar & Maray, Taiseer

Wedding Night

by Abu Rayya, Yusuf

Modern History of Kuwait 1750-1965, The

by Abu-Hakima, Ahmad Mustafa

Language of Baklava, The

by Abu-Jaber, Diana

Mornings in Jenin

by Abulhawa, S.

Children of Bethany

by Aburish, Said

Nasser: The Last Arab

by Aburish, Said K


by Aburish, Said K.


by Aburish, Said K.

Saddam Hussein

by Aburish, Said K.

The Arch and The Butterfly

by Achaari, Mohammed

Clash of Barbarisms., The

by Achcar, Gilbert

The Arabs and the Holocaust

by Achcar, Gilbert

The 33 Day War

by Achcar, Gilbert Warschawski, Michel

Chaos or rebirth

by Adams, Michael

Deleted Part,The

by Adnan Al-Sayegh

Master of the Eclipse

by Adnan, Etel


by Adonis

Faith and Freedom

by Afkhami, Mahnaz

Women and empowerment

by Afshar, Haleh

Love Wins: Palestinian Perseverance Behind Walls

by Afzal Huda Waleed Abu-Ghazeleh

Shattering The Stereotype

by Afzal-Khan, Fawzia

Map of Love, The

by Ahdaf Soueif

Memory In The Flesh

by Ahlam Mosteghanemi

Chaos of the Senses

by Ahlem Mosteghanemi

Leg Over Leg: Volume Four

by Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq Humphrey Davies

Leg Over Leg: Volume Three

by Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq Humphrey Davies

Wandering Falcon, The

by Ahmad, Jamil

Gardens of the Night

by Ahmed Faqih

Omani Portuguese History

by Ahmed Hamoud Al-Maamiry

Oman and Ibadhism

by Ahmed Hamoud Al-Maamiry

Living Islam

by Ahmed, Akbar

Edward W.Lane: A Study

by Ahmed, Leila

Making of Modern Libya, The

by Ahmida, Ali Abdullatif

The Changing Room

by Aida Eltorie

Yemen: Jewel of Arabia

by Aithie, C. & Aithie, P.

Friendly Fire

by Al Aswany, Alaa

Thirsty River

by Al Galidi, Rodaan

Yes, The Arabs Can Too

by Al Jaber, Mohamed Bin Issa

New Waw, Saharan Oasis

by Al Koni, Ibrahim

The Hidden Light of Objects

by Al Nakib, Mai