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Making of Arab News, The

by Mellor, Noha


by Merali, Shaheen

Islam and Democracy

by Mernissi, Fatima

Beyond the veil

by Mernissi, Fatima

Sons of Cypresses

by Meron Benvenisti

This land is our land

by Metzger, Jan Orth, Martin & Sterzing, Christian

DC Confidential

by Meyer, Christopher

Arabia: In Search of the Golden Ages

by Michael Hamilton Morgan

Arak and Mezze: The Taste of Lebanon

by Michael Karam Photographs by Norbert Schiller

Wines of Lebanon

by Michael Karam Photographs by Norbert Schiller

War Works Hard, The

by Mikhail, Dunya

Conflicting Narratives

by Milich, Stephan Pannewick, Friederike

Tell Me Lies

by Miller, David Thomas, Mark

House of Obedience, The

by Minces, Juliette

Citizens Apart

by Minns, Amina Hijab, Nadia

Hayati, My Life

by Miriam Cooke

Dissident Syria

by Miriam Cooke

Alone Together

by Mishka Mojabber Mourani Aida Yacoub Haddad

Arab Jazz

by Miske, Karim


by Mitri, Oscar Boulad, Gerard

Wolves of the Crescent Moon

by Mohaimeed, Y. Al-

Over the Bridge

by Mohamed Al-Bisatie


by Mohamed Choukri

Houses Behind the Trees

by Mohamed El-Bisatie


by Mohamed El-Bisatie

Nasser The Cairo Documents

by Mohamed Heikal

Memories of a Meltdown

by Mohamed Makhzangi

Tales from Dayrut

by Mohamed Mustagab

Butterfly Wings

by Mohamed Salmawy

The Role Of The Military In Politics

by Mohammad A. Tarbush

Game of Forgetting, The

by Mohammed Berrada

Balconies: A Mediterranean Memoir

by Mojabber Mourani, Mishkja

The Gulf

by Molly Izzard

Revolution is My Name

by Mona Prince

Prisoners of Peace

by Montell, Jessica

Blue Nile, The

by Moorehead, Alan


by Morgan, Michael

Lost History

by Morgan, Michael Hamilton

Desert Falcon, The

by Morris, Claud

Sultan in Oman

by Morris, James

Despairing Developer, The

by Morris, Timothy

Camp Shatila

by Mortimer, Peter

Status: Emo

by Mosbah, Eslam

A Tunisian Tale

by Mosbahi, Hassouna

Memory in the Flesh

by Mosteghanemi, Ahlam

The Bridges of Constantine

by Mosteghanemi, Ahlem

The Art of Forgetting

by Mosteghanemi, Ahlem

Dust of Promises, The

by Mosteghanemi, Ahlem

Egypt's Belle Epoque

by Mostyn, Trevor


by Mourad, Ahmed

What 'Isa ibn Hisham told us

by Muhammad al-Muwaylihi

Sultan bin Muhammad al-Qasimi, My Early Life

by Muhammad al-Qasimi, Sultan bin

Just Like a River

by Muhammad Kamil Al-Khatib

Monarch of the Square

by Muhammad Zafzaf


by Muhsen, Zana Crofts, Andrew

Promise To Nadia, A

by Muhsen, Zana Crofts, Andrew

Dates on my Fingers

by Muhsin al-Ramli

Scattered Crumbs

by Muhsin al-Ramli


by Munif, Abd al-Rahman

Cities of Salt

by Munif, Abd al-Rahman

Trench, The

by Munif, Abdelrahman Theroux, Peter

Cities Of Salt

by Munif, Abdelrahman Theroux, Peter

The Nairn Way

by Munro, John

Dubai Tales

by Murr, Muhammad

Iraq War, The

by Murray, Williamson Scales Jr, Robert

Sayyid Qutb

by Musallam, Adnan

Libya's Hidden Pages of History

by Mustafa Ben Halim

The Shell

by Mustafa Khalifa