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TV Arab, The

by Shaheen, Jack G.

Reel Bad Arabs

by Shaheen, Jack G.

Palestine: A Guide

by Shahin, Mariam Azar, George

A Muslim on the Bridge

by Shakir, Ali

Time-Travels of the Man Who Sold Pickles and Sweets, The

by Shalaby, Khairy Cooperson, Michael


by Shalaby, Khairy

Lodging House, The

by Shalaby, Khairy

Three Days

by Sharef, Zeev

Flawed Landscapes

by Sharif Almusa

Strangers in Palestine

by Sharif, M. B.

Scatterd Like Seeds

by Shaw J. Dallal


by Shaw, Ralph


by Shaw, Ralph

Occupier's Law

by Shehadeh, Raja

Strangers in the House

by Shehadeh, Raja

Sealed Room, The

by Shehadeh, Raja

Ploughing Sand

by Shepherd, Naomi

Mandate Days

by Sherman, A. J.

Iraqi Jews

by Shiblak, Abbas

Lure of Zion, The

by Shiblak, Abbas

Leg over Leg: Volume One

by Shidyaq, al- Ahmad Faris

Leg Over Leg: Volume Two

by Shidyaq, al- Ahmad Faris

Does The Land Remember Me?

by Shihab, Aziz

Falafel King Is Dead, The

by Shilo, Sara

Iraqi in Paris, An

by Shimon, Samuel

Baghdad Noir

by Shimon, Samuel

Arab and Jew

by Shipler, David K

Enchanting Oman

by Shirley Kay

Egypt: portrait of a president

by Shoukri, Ghali


by Shumon Basar

Others, The

by Siba al-Harez

Man Is a Cause

by Siddiq, Muhammad

Hadith Literature

by Siddiqi, Muhammad Zubayr

Inside Al Qaeda

by Sifaoui, Mohamed

Saudi Arabian Mirrors

by Sifi, A.

Daughter of Damascus

by Siham Tergeman


by Simonis, Daniel Crowther, Geoff


by Simons, Geoff

Targeting Iraq

by Simons, Geoff

The Corpse Washer

by Sinan Antoon

Bet You Didn't Know This About Beirut!

by Singh-Bartlett, Warren Hallak, Sinan

Silence and the Roar, The

by Sirees, Nihad Weiss, Max


by Sitwell, Sacheverell

Muscat And Oman

by Skeet, Ian

Honour and Shame

by Sl-Khayyat, Sana

Iraq since 1958

by Sluglett, Marion Farouk Sluglett, Peter

Britain in Iraq 1914-1932

by Sluglett, Peter

Object of Memory, The

by Slyomovics, Susan

Leaves of Narcissus

by Somaya Ramadan

Life After Baghdad

by Somekh, Sasson

Beirut, Beirut

by Sonallah Ibrahim


by Sonallah Ibrahim

Only in Dubai

by Sophie Robehmed

Map of Love, The

by Soueif, Ahdaf


by Soueif, Ahdaf

I Think of You

by Soueif, Ahdaf


by Soueif, Ahdaf (Ed.)

Glossary of Islam, A

by Sourdel, Dominique Sourdel-Thomine, Janine

France & Ottoman Lebanon 1861-1914

by Spagnolo, John P.

Labour Migration to the Middle East

by Speckman, J.D. Eelens, Schampers

Languages of Jerusalem, The

by Spolsky, Bernard Cooper, Robert L.

Different Kind of War, A

by Sponeck, Hans-Christof

Adaptable Autocrats

by Stacher, Joshua


by Stannard, Dorothy Bell, Brian

Ahmed Mater

by Stapleton, Stephen Porter, Venetia

Weight of a Mustard Seed, The

by Steavenson, Wendell


by Stedman, Henry

Balfour Declaration, The

by Stein, Leonard

The Middle East

by Stephen H Longrigg

Early Islam

by Stewart, Desmond

Old Serpent Nile

by Stewart, Stanley

Violations of Human Rights in Iraq

by Stoel, Max van der

Abu Ghraib Investigations, The

by Strasser, Steven

Palestine Story

by Stubbs, Richard

Golda Slept Here

by Suad Amiry

Wisdom of the Arabs, The

by Suheil Bushrui

Al-Hamlet Summit, The

by Sulayman Al-Bassam

Promise and The Fulfilment, The

by Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Information

Oman 94

by Sultunate of Oman

The Blue between Sky and Water

by Susan Abulhawa