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Arabs and the West, The

by Hollingworth, Clare

Islam and Science

by Hoodbhoy, Pervez

Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia

by Hopwood, Derek

Savage War of Peace, A

by Horne, Alastair

Job Welldone, A

by Horne, Edward

Baghdad Without A Map

by Horwitz, Tony

Arabs, The

by Hottinger, Arnold

I was a Point. I was a Circle

by Houda al-Naamani

History of the Arab People, A

by Hourani, Albert

History of the Arab Peoples, A

by Hourani, Albert Ruthven, Malise

Modern Middle East, The

by Hourani, Albert

Europe and the Middle East

by Hourani, Albert

Unfinished Odyssey, An

by Hourani, Cecil

King Crane Commission, The

by Howar, Harry N.

Desert King, The

by Howarth, David

Nile, The

by Howell, P. P. Allen, J. A.

Hamas: A Beginner's Guide

by Hroub, Khaled

Warriors of the Prophet

by Huband, Mark

Typographic Matchmaking

by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares

Arab Politics

by Hudson, Michael C.

Al Jazeera

by Hugh Miles

Playing Cards in Cairo

by Hugh Miles

Morocco Under King Hassan

by Hughes, Stephen O.

Other Lives

by Humaydan, Iman


by Humphreys, Andrew Simonis, Damien

Defy The Stars

by Hurndall, Jocelyn

The Only House Left Standing

by Hurndall, Tom Fisk, Robert (Foreword)

Islamist, The

by Husain, Ed

A Passage To France

by Husain, Taha

The Call of the Curlew

by Husain, Taha

Beyond Love

by Hussein, Hadiya

My Memoirs Completed

by Hussein, King Abdallah

Uneasy lies the head

by Hussein, King of Jordan

Understanding the Qur'an Today

by Hussein, Mahmoud

An Egyptian Childhood

by Hussein, Taha

Return to Jerusalem

by Husseini, Hassan Jamal

Tawfiq Al-Hakim: A Reader's Guide

by Hutchins, William Maynard

Violent Truce

by Hutchinson, E. H.

Palestine Under The Mandate

by Hyamson, A. M.