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The Baghdad Clock

by Al Rawi, Shahad

Kuwaiti Traditions

by Al Sabah, Altaf Salem Al Ali

Beirut Blues

by Al Shaykh, Hanan

Selections from 'the Art of Party-Crashing' in Medieval Iraq

by Al-Baghdadi, Al-Khatib Selove, Emily

Dear Mr Kawabata

by Al-Daif, Rashid

Zayni Barakat

by Al-Ghitani, Gamal

The Others

by Al-Harez, S.

Girls of Alexandria

by Al-Kharrat, Edwar

City of Saffron

by Al-Kharrat, Edwar

Rama and the Dragon

by al-Kharrat, Edwar

Gold Dust

by al-Koni, Ibrahim

Lady From Tel Aviv, The

by Al-Madhoun, Raba'i Colla, Elliot

Fractured Destinies

by Al-Madhoun, Rabai

Wolves of the Crescent Moon

by Al-Mahaimeed, Yousef

Oppressors, The

by Al-Mana, Samira

Modern Iraqi Short Stories

by Al-Manna', Ali

Munira's Bottle

by Al-Mohaimeed, Yousef

The President's Gardens

by Al-Ramli, Muhsin

New Voices of Arabia - The Short Stories

by Al-Sebail, Abdulaziz Calderbank, Anthony

Songs of Life: Selection of Poems

by Al-Shabbi, Abu-L-Qasim

Egyptian Earth

by Al-Sharqawi, Abdel Rahman

Yemeni War of 1994, The

by Al-Suwaidi, Jamal S. Hudson, Michael

Modern Poetry of the Arab World

by al-Udhari, Abdullah

Open Door, The

by Al-Zayyat, Latifa


by Al-Zubaidi, Layla Cassel, Matthew

The Automobile Club of Egypt

by Alaa Al Aswany

Being Abbas el Abd

by Alaidy, Ahmed

Being Abbas El Abd

by Alaidy, Ahmed


by Alameddine, Rabih


by Alamuddin, Najib

A History of the Arab Peoples

by Albert Hourani

Riddle Of Qaf, The

by Alberto Mussa

Archaeology of Palestine, The

by Albright, W. F.

Fatma: A Novel of Arabia

by Alem, Raja

The Confines of the Shadow

by Alessandro Spina

Khalil Gibran

by Alexandre Najjar

School of War, The

by Alexandre Najjar

History of the Wahabis, The

by Alexandre, Louis De Corancez, Olivier

Dusting the Colour from Roses

by Algosaibi, Ghazi


by Ali al-Muqri


by Ali, I.


by Ali, Idris


by Ali, Idris

So What

by Ali, Taha Muhammad

Book of Saladin, The

by Ali, Tariq


by Alia Mamdouh

Days of Ignorance

by Aljohani, Laila

Taxi (Bloomsbury Qatar Publishing)

by Alkhamissi, Khaled


by Allen, Mark

Bab EL-Oued

by Allouache, Merzak

Arabia Unified

by Almana, Mohammed

Girls of Riyadh

by Alsanea, Rajaa

Judgement Day

by Ameer, Al. Rasha

Don't Forget the Couscous

by Amir Darwish

I am Yusuf and This is My Brother

by Amir Nizar Zuabi

Ebola '76

by Amir Tag Elsir

French Perfume

by Amir Tag Elsir


by Amir Tag Elsir

Art & Patronage in the Middle East

by Amirsadeghi, Hossein Homayoun Eisler, Maryam

Traditional Floor Tiles in Palestine

by Amiry, Suad Sobeh, Lena

Palestinian Village Home, The

by Amiry, Suad Tamari, Vera

Land of No Rain

by Amjad Nasser Jonathan Wright


by Ammar Abdulhamid

They are human too...

by Anderson, Per-Olow

Suleiman the Magnificent

by Andre Clot

Lebanese Cuisine: Past and Present

by Andree Maalouf Karim Haidar


by Andrew Beattie Penelope Lively

Reading Arabia

by Andrew C. Long

From Beirut to Jerusalem

by Ang, Dr Swee Chai

Libya of Idris el Senoussi

by Annane, Mohammad

In Their Father's Country

by Anne-Marie Drosso

Libyan Revolution, The

by Ansell, Meredith O Arif, Ibrahim Massaud


by Anthony Nutting

Lawrence of Arabia

by Anthony Nutting

Arab States of the Lower Gulf

by Anthony, John Duke

Where the Jinn Consult

by Antonius, Soraya

The Crusades

by Antony Bridge

Baghdad Blues, The

by Antoon, Sinan

I'jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody

by Antoon, Sinan


by Arberry, A J

Kuwait Arts and Architecture

by Arlene Fullerton

Arab World, The

by Armanazi, Ghayth N.