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15 Minute Arabic

by g-and-w Publishing

Arabic Script

by Gabriel Mandel Kahn

Islamic Year, The

by Gailani, Noorah Smith, Chris

Sand Fish, The

by Gargash, Maha

Bethlehem Speaks

by Garth Hewitt

Towards the Dawn

by Garth Hewitt

Road Home, The

by Garth Hewitt

Black Magic

by Gazzar, H. el-

Through and Through

by Geha, Joseph

Peace and Unity

by Gemayel, Amine

Prisoner of Love

by Genet, Jean Soueif, Ahdaf


by Geoff Hann Karen Dabrowska

Anglo-Arab Encounter, The

by Geoffrey Nash

Ancient Iraq

by Georges Roux

Three Kings in Baghdad

by Gerald De Gaury

America and Political Islam

by Gerges, Fawaz A.

In Search of Fatima

by Ghada Karmi

My Life as a Traitor

by Ghahramani, Zarah

About This Man Called Ali

by Ghandour, Amal


by Ghazi A Algosaibi

Love Story, A

by Ghazi A Algosaibi

Pyramid Texts

by Ghitani, al- Gamal

The Zafarani Files

by Ghitani, G. al-

After Oslo

by Giacaman


by Gibb, H. A. R.

Gibran's Little Book of Love

by Gibran, Kahlil

The Essential Gibran

by Gibran, Kahlil Bushrui, Suheil

Discord in Zion

by Giladi, G. N.

Arab-Israeli Conflict, The

by Gilbert, Martin

Jews of Arab Lands, The

by Gilbert, Martin


by Gilbert, Martin

Axis of Evil Cookbook, The

by Gill Partington


by Gilmour, David


by Gilmour, David

Dimensions of the Gulf Crisis

by Giritli, Ismet

The Northern Front

by Glass, Charles

Tribes Triumphant, The

by Glass, Charles

Tribes With Flags

by Glass, Charles

Soldier with the Arabs, A

by Glubb, John Bagot

War in the Desert

by Glubb, John Bagot

Peace in the Holy Land

by Glubb, John Bagot

life and times of Muhammad, The

by Glubb, John Bagot

Concise History of the Middle East, A

by Goldschmidt, Arthur

Eternal Saudi Arabia

by Golt, Rick


by Gordon, David C.

Passing of French Algeria, The

by Gordon, David C.


by Gordon, David C.

Behind the myth

by Gowers, Andrew Walker, Tony

Palestinian Children & Israeli State Violence

by Graff, James A. Abdolell, Mohamed

Arabian Time Machine

by Graham, Helga

Experiment in Anarchy

by Graves, R. M.

Lawrence and the Arabs

by Graves, Robert

History of Jerusalem, A

by Gray, John

A to Z of the Middle East, An

by Gresh, Alain Vidal, Dominique

Sheba Revealed

by Groom, Nigel

World of Islam, The

by Grube, Ernst J.


by Gubser, Peter

Bar Balto

by Guene, Faiza

Dreams from the Endz

by Guène, Faïza

Just Like Tomorrow

by Guere, Faiza


by Guillaume, Alfred


by Guillaume, Alfred


by Gursel, Nedim Al-Ghitani, Gamal