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Land and the Book, The

by W.M. Thomson

Women in Muslim History

by Waddy, Charis

Shoot an Iraqi

by Wafaa Bilal

A Land without Jasmine

by Wajdi al-Ahdal


by Wald, Peter

Before Their Diaspora

by Walid Khalidi

Islam and the West

by Walker, Christopher J.

Arafat the Biography

by Walker, Tony Gowers, Andrew


by Wallach, John Wallach, Janet

Arabic inscriptions in Jerusalem:

by Walls, Archibald G. Abdul-Hajj, Amal

Touring Lebanon

by Ward, Philip


by Ward, Philip

Heads Ripe for Plucking

by Wardani, M. Al-

Orthodox Church, The

by Ware, Timothy

Iraq and Syria 1941

by Warner, Geoffrey

Land Before Honour

by Warnock

British in Palestine, The

by Wasserstein, Bernard

Palestine: An Inescapable Duty

by Watkins, David

Modern Pilgrim in Mecca, A

by Wavell, A. J. B.

Bedouin, The

by Weir, Shelagh

Palestinian Costume

by Weir, Shelagh

Qat In Yemen

by Weir, Shelagh

Palestinian Embroidery

by Weir, Shelagh Shahid, Serene

Travels of Ambrosio Bembo, The

by Welch, Anthony

The Arabian Nights

by Wen-chin Ouyang

The Arabian Nights

by Wen-Chin Ouyang


by West, Johnny

Children of Bethlehem

by White, Patrick

Mourning in Bethlehem

by White, Patrick

Home of Fadeless Splendour, The

by Whittingham, George

Les Mosquees du Caire

by Wiet, Gaston

Mastering Arabic

by Wightwick, Jane Gaafar, Mahmoud

Arabia's Frontiers

by Wilkinson, John C.

Green Mountain

by Williams, Gwyn

Parley Tree, The

by Williamson, Patrick

War Crime or Just War? 2003 - 2005: The Iraq War

by Wood, Nicholas Pellens, Anabella

Kalila and Dimna

by Wood, Ramsay Wood, Michael

Kalila and Dimna

by Wood, Ramsay

Plan of attack

by Woodward, Bob

Plan of Attack

by Woodward, Bob

Bassam Shak'a

by Woolfson, Marion

Prophets in Babylon

by Woolfson, Marion