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Palestinian Catastrophe, The

by Palumbo, Michael

Muslim Brotherhood, The

by Pargeter, Alison

Prisoner In Baghdad

by Parish, Daphne Lancaster, Pat

Touba and the Meaning of the Night

by Parsipur, Shahrnush

Britain and the Arabs

by Pasha, Glubb

In the Eye of the Storm

by Patrick Cordingley

Silent No More

by Paul Findley

Baghdad Blog, The

by Pax, Salam

Through Middle Eastern Eyes

by Pearson, Robert Leon E Clark

General's Son, The

by Peled, Miko Walker, Alice

Journey to Riyadh

by Pelly, Lewis

Morocco since 1830

by Pennell, C. R.


by Peretz, Don

Government and Politics of Israel, The

by Peretz, Don Doron, Gideon

One Remains, The

by Perowne, Stuart

Triumph In The Desert

by Peter David

Very Simple Arabic

by Peters, James

Arabian Days

by Philby, Harry St. J. B.

Pilgrim in Arabia

by Philby, Harry St. J. B.

Saudi Arabia

by Philby, Harry St. J. B.

Losing Iraq

by Phillips, David L.

Bad News from Israel

by Philo Greg Mike Berry

Bad News From Israel

by Philo, Greg Berry, Mike

New Travellers Guide to Yemen

by Piepenburg, F.

Mohammed and Charlemagne

by Pirenne, Henri

Islam in a World of Nation States

by Piscatori, James P.

History of Anti-Semitism, The

by Poliakov, Leon

History of Anti-Semitism, The

by Poliakov, Leon

Understanding Iraq

by Polk, William

Amazing Jew, The

by Pollock, A. J.

Word Into Art

by Porter, Venetia Eigner, Saeb

Yemeni Pottery

by Posey, Sarah

Ten Stories from Iraq

by Pragnell, Fred

So You May See

by Prince, Mona

Bible and colonialism, The

by Prior, Michael

Face of Defeat, The

by Pryce-Jones, David