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Saudi Arabia

by Babelli, Mohammed

The Silence of Mohammed

by Bachi, Salim

From MTV to Mecca

by Backer, Kristiane

Reformation of Egypt, The

by Badawi. M. A. Zaki

Papa Sartre

by Bader, A.

Papa Sartre

by Bader, Ali

Tobacco Keeper, The

by Bader, Ali

Balcony over the Fakihani

by Badr, Liana

Libyan Sands

by Bagnold, R. A.

Temple Bar

by Bahaa Abdelmegid

As Doha Said

by Bahaa Taher

Sunset Oasis

by Bahaa Taher

Man from Bashmour, The

by Bakr, Salwa

External Audit and Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks

by Banaga, Abdelgadir Ray, Graham H & Tomkins, Cyril R


by Baqir, Taha

Egyptian Upper Class, The

by Baraka, Magda

Days of Dust

by Barakat, Halim

Tiller of Waters, The

by Barakat, Hoda

Disciples of Passion

by Barakat, Hoda

Phoenicia and the Phoenicians

by Baramki, Dmitri

Parallels and Paradoxes

by Barenboim, Daniel Said, Edward W

I Was Born There, I Was Born Here

by Barghouti, Mourid

I Was Born There, I Was Born Here

by Barghouti, Mourid

I Saw Ramallah

by Barghouti, Mourid


by Bargouti, M.

A Line In The Sand

by Barr, James

Pirates of Trucial Oman, The

by Bartlett, H Moyse

Arabic for Life

by Bassam K Frangieh

The Pistachio Seller

by Bassiouney, R.

Making Islam Democratic

by Bayat, Asef

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

by Beausoleil, Beau Shehabi, Deema

Revolt, The

by Begin, Menachem

Political Islam

by Beinin, Joel

Beyond the Myth

by Belhassan, Sylvia Fullerton, Arlene & Slaoui, Hassan

Middle East Peace Plans

by Beling, Willard

The Desert and the Sown

by Bell, Gertrude

Rising of the Ashes, The

by Ben Jalloun, Tahar

Leaving Tangier

by Ben Jalloun, Tahar

We shall return

by Bendt, Ingela


by Benmalek, A.

Lovers of Algeria, The

by Benmalek, Anouar

From Stones to Nationhood

by Bennis, Phyllis

My Torturess

by Bensalem Himmich

Polymath, The

by Bensalem Himmich

Fulfilment in the Promised land

by Bentwich, Norman

Mandate Memories 1918-1948

by Bentwich, Norman Benwich, Helen

Arabs, The

by Berque, Jacques

Arab Rebirth

by Berque, Jacques

French North Africa

by Berque, Jacques

Kuwait From Above

by Bertrand, Yann Arthus

Palestine Triangle, The

by Bethell, Nicholas

Druze, The

by Betts, Robert


by Bianco, Mirella

A Life in Egypt

by Bimbashi McPherson

Horses of God

by Binebine, Mahi

Clamor of the Lake

by Bisatie, Mohamed

Cambridge Atlas of the Middle East and North Africa, The

by Blake, Gerald Dewdney, John & Mitchell, Jonathan

Madman of Freedom Square, The

by Blasim, Hassan

Hammaming in the Sham

by Boggs, Richard

Kurds, The

by Bois, Thomas

Homage To Etel Adnan

by Boldt, Lindsey Dickison, Steve

Voice of their own, a

by Botros Samaan, Angele

German Mujahid, The

by Boualem Sansal


by Boualem Sansal

Barbary Figs, The

by Boudjedra, Rashid Naffis-Sahely, Andre

Sexuality in Islam

by Bouhdiba, Abdelwahab

Islam the fear and the hope

by Boulares, Habib

Palestinian Art

by Boullata, Kamal

Both Right and Left Handed

by Bouthaina Shaaban

Behind the Veil of Vice

by Bradley, John R.

Britain and the Middle East

by Brenchly, Frank

Arabs Without God

by Brian Whitaker

Gulf Between Us, The

by Brittain, Victoria

Fasting and Feasting in Morocco

by Buitelaar, Marjo

Gulf, The

by Bulloch, John