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Arabian Love Poems

by Kabbani, Nizar

American Granddaughter, The

by Kachachi, Inaam

From Baghdad to Bedlam

by Kadar, Magad d,Abo, Noel

Hill of Gypsies, The

by Kafrawi, Said

Bedoon Ta'aleeq

by Kahil, Kahli

Love Letters in the Sand

by Kahlil Gibran

Letters from Cairo

by Kaldas, Pauline

Under the Tripoli Sky

by Kamal Ben Hameda

Cigarette Number Seven

by Kamal, Donia

Men in the Sun

by Kanafani, Ghassan

Palestine's Children

by Kanafani, Ghassan

Nationals and Expatriates

by Kapiszewski, Andrzej

Plague Lands

by Karim, Fawzi

Married To Another Man

by Karmi, Ghada

Social Policy in the Middle East

by Karshena, Massoud

Unattainable Lotus, The

by Kashgari, Badia


by Kassir, Samir

Being Arab

by Kassir, Samir

Farewell, Babylon

by Kattan, Naim

Opinions on Military Command

by Kazzafi, President Moammar

England and the Middle East

by Kedourie, Elie

Spirit of the Wind: Horse in Saudi Arabia

by Keith Collie Angelo Pesce

Eastern Arabian Frontiers

by Kelly, J. B.

See Ouarzazate and Die

by Kennedy, Sylvia

Allah in the West

by Kepel, Giles

Prophet and Pharaoh, The

by Kepel, Giles

The War for Muslim Minds

by Kepel, Gilles

Checkpoint Watch

by Keshet, Yehudit

Islamic Law of Nations, The

by Khadduri, Majid

Independent Iraq

by Khadduri, Majid

Republican Iraq

by Khadduri, Majid

The Sirens of Baghdad

by Khadra, Y.

Throwing Sparks

by Khal, Abdo

Cultural Resistance

by Khalaf, Samir

Desert Warrior

by Khaled bin Sultan

The Magic of Turquoise

by Khaled, Mai

By the Rivers of Babylon

by Khalid Kishainy

Tomorrow is Another Day

by Khalid Kishtainy

Tales from Old Baghdad

by Khalid Kishtainy

Resurrecting Empire

by Khalidi, Rashid

Palestine Reborn

by Khalidi, Walid

From Haven To Conquest

by Khalidi, Walid

First Light

by Khalifa, Hamad Bin Isa

In Praise Of Hatred

by Khalifa, Khaled

Inheritance, The

by Khalifa, Sahar

Wild Thorns

by Khalifa, Sahar

Bahrain Through The Ages

by Khalifa, Shaikh Abdullah bin Khalid

The End of Spring

by Khalifeh, S.

The Prophet

by Khalil Gibran

Love Letters in the Sand

by Khalil Gibran


by Khamissi, Khaled

Women In The Middle East

by Khamsin Collective

Rama & the Dragon

by Kharrat, Edwar

Sky So Close, A

by Khedairi, Betool


by Khedairi, Betool


by Khemiri, Jonas Hassen

Situe Stories, The

by Khirallah Noble, Frances

Stories Under the Sun

by Khoudia, El Jilali

House at the Edge of Tears, A

by Khoury-Ghata, Venus

Alphabets of Sand

by Khoury-Ghata, Venus

Gate of the Sun

by Khoury, Elias


by Khoury, Elias

White Masks

by Khoury, Elias

White Masks

by Khoury, Elias

As Though she were sleeping

by Khoury, Elias

Little Mountain

by Khoury, Elias

Syria and the French Mandate

by Khoury, Philip S.


by Khudayyir, Muhammad


by Khudayyir, Muhammad

Tents and Pyramids

by Khuri, Fuad I.


by Kidron, Peretz

Ba'th v Ba'th

by Kienle, Eberhard

The Palestinian People: A History

by Kimmerling, Baruch & Migdal, Joel S

Photographer on the Hajj, A

by Kioumgi, Farid Graham, Robert

Middle East in the War, The

by Kirk, George

Middle East 1945-1950, The

by Kirk, George

Awakening, An

by Kirkbride, Alec

City Of San'a

by Kirkman, James

Commander of the Faithful

by Kiser, John W.

Arabian Tales

by Kishtainy, Khalid

No War

by Klein, Naomi