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L'Art Arabe

by D'Avennes

Out of It

by Dabbagh, Selma

Once Upon the Orient Wave

by Dahiyat, Eid Abdallah

Learning English

by Daif, R. al-

This Side of Innocence

by Daif, Rachid

Learning English

by Daif, Rachid

Waiting List, The

by Daisy Al-Amir

Intrepid Arabia

by Dalrymple, William

Civil War in the Sudan

by Daly, M. W.

Valley of Mud Brick Architecture, The

by Damluji, Salma, Samar

Islam Europe and Empire

by Daniel, Norman

Kuwait journey

by Daniels, John

Iraq Under Qassam

by Dann, Uriel

Borrowed Time

by Daoud, Hassan

No Road To Paradise

by Daoud, Hassan

Next Year in Jerusalem

by Daphna Golan-Agnon

Syria (Bradt Travel Guides)

by Darke, Diana

My House in Damascus

by Darke, Diana

Syria (Bradt Travel Guide)

by Darke, Diana

Unholy Babylon

by Darwish, Adel Alexander, Gregory

Adam of Two Edens, The

by Darwish, Mahmoud

Journal of an Ordinary Grief

by Darwish, Mahmoud

Stranger in a Distant City

by Darwish, Mahmoud

Absent Presence

by Darwish, Mahmoud

In the Presence of Absence

by Darwish, Mahmoud

A Peace to End All Peace

by David Fromkin

Shifting Sands

by David Ledger

Egypt in the Arab World

by Dawisha, A. I.

Faisal King of Saudi Arabia

by De Gaury, Gerald

Hashish: A Smuggler's Tale

by De Monfreid, Henry

Women Travelers in Egypt

by Deborah Manley

A Cairo Anthology

by Deborah Manley

Olive Grove, The

by Deborah Rohan

Notable Muslims

by DeLong-Bas, Natana

Fate of a Prisoner and other stories

by Denys Johnson-Davies

Kuwait and her Neighbours

by Dickson, H.R.R.

Palestinians, The

by Dimbleby, Jonathan

Algerian White

by Djebar, Assia

So Vast The Prison

by Djebar, Assia

Human Rights and Religion

by Dominic McGoldrick

June Rain

by Douaihy, Jabbour

Travels in Arabia Deserta: Volume 1

by Doughty, Charles M

Travels in Arabia Deserta: Volume 2

by Doughty, Charles M

Gaza: Legacy of Occupation

by Doughty, Dick Aydi, Mohammed

Screens of Influence

by Dr Najat AlSaied


by Driss Chraibi

Islam and Israel

by Dumper, Michael

Noble Heritage, The

by Duncan, Alistair

Noble Sanctuary, The

by Duncan, Alistair

Noble Sanctuary, The

by Duncan, Alistair

Jeddah Old and New

by Duncan, George

Arab civilization to AD 1500

by Dunlop, D. M.

Resistance in the Desert

by Dunn, Ross E.

Iraqi Nights, The

by Dunya Mikhail