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Bottom of the Jar, The

by Laabi, Abdellatif Naffis-Sahely, Andre

The Rule of Barbarism

by Laabi, Abdellatif

Kingdom, The

by Lacey, Robert

Palestine on the Eve

by Ladislas Farago

A Pilgrimage to Nejd

by Lady Anne Blunt

Pilgrimage to Mecca

by Lady Evelyn Cobbold

A Little Piece of Ground

by Laird, Elizabeth

Iraqi Cookbook, The

by Lamees Ibrahim

Rwala Bedouin Today, The

by Lancaster, William

The Modern Egyptians

by Lane, Edward William

One Man In His Time

by Lang, Michael

With My Own Eyes

by Langer, Felicia

These are My Brothers

by Langer, Felicia

History of Islamic Societies, A

by Lapidus, Ira M.

Israel-Arab Reader, The

by Laqueur, Walter

Defenders of God

by Lawrence, Bruce B.

Nineveh and Babylon

by Layard, MP Austen H

Britain and Saudi Arabia 1925-1939

by Leatherdale, Clive

Legends of the Fire Spirits

by Lebling, Robert

City of Oranges

by LeBor, Adam

Ashes of Hama

by Lefevre, Raphael

Authentic Egyptian Cooking

by Leheta, Nehal

Coloured Lights

by Leila Aboulela

Year of the Elephant, The

by Leila Abouzeid

Return to Childhood

by Leila Abouzeid

Woman in Islam

by Lemu, B. Aisha Heeren, Fatima

World of Ottoman Art, The

by Levey, Michael

Jerusalem Embattled

by Levin, Harry

The Punishment of Gaza

by Levy, Gideon

Arabs in History, The

by Lewis, Bernard

Islam in History

by Lewis, Bernard

Crisis in Kirkuk

by Liam Anderson Gareth Stansfield

Eye of the Mirror, The

by Liana Badr

Lebanese Cinema

by Lina Khatib

Qur'an, The

by Lings, Martin Safadi, Yasin Hamid

Israel: The embattled Land

by Lipman, Beata


by Little, Tom

Road to Jerusalem

by Litvinoff, Barnet

Oleander, Jacaranda

by Lively, Penelope

Bantustan Gaza

by Locke, Richard Stewart, Antony

Imperial Identities

by Lorcin, Patricia M. E.

To Love a Palestinian Woman

by Lotayef, Ehab

Safety Last

by Lt. Col. W.F. Stirling