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by Rabee Jaber

Honour of the Tribe, The

by Rachid Mimouni

Ogre's Embrace, The

by Rachid Mimouni


by Radwa Ashour

Blue Lorries

by Radwa Ashour

Calligrapher's Secret, The

by Rafik Schami


by Rafik Schami Marie Fadel

The Calligrapher's Secret

by Rafik Schami

Palestinian Walks

by Raja Shehadeh

Keep Your Eye on the Wall

by Raja Shehadeh Malu Halasa

Silver Jewellery of Oman

by Rajab, Jehan S

Qatari Voices

by Rajakumar, Mohanalakshmi

Crocodiles, The

by Rakha, Youssef

Weapons of Mass Deception

by Rampton, Sheldon & Stauber, John

Arab in Israeli Literature, The

by Ramras-Rauch, Gila

Imperial Fictions

by Rana Kabbani

Map of Home, A

by Randa Jarrar

Tragedy of Lebanon, The

by Randal, Jonathan

Jordan and the Holy Land

by Randall, Rona


by Rania al-Baz

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

by Rantisi, Audeh G. Beebe, Ralph K.

Miriam's Legacy

by Rantisi, Patricia

Politics in an Arabian Oasis

by Rasheed, Madawi

Who's afraid of Maryl Streep?

by Rashid al-Daif

What Makes a Man? Sex Talk in Beirut and Berlin

by Rashid Al-Daif Joachim Helfer

Guerrillas For Palestine

by Rayyes, Riad Nahas, Dunia

Seek Peace and Ensue It

by Reddaway, John

Mortal Designs

by Reem Bassiouney

Seeking sanctuary

by Reilly, Hilda

Baghdad The City in Verse

by Reuven Snir

Islamic Art (World of Art)

by Rice, David Talbot

Lost World of Socotra, The

by Richard Boggs

Palestine Mission

by Richard Crossman

Tourism in Democratic Yemen

by Richer, Xavier

Egypt 1798-1952

by Richmond, J.C.B


by Rihawi, Abdulqader


by Ritter, Scott

Devil's Game

by Robert Dreyfuss

Pity The Nation

by Robert Fisk

Inside the Kingdom

by Robert Lacey

From my Sister's Lips

by Robert, Na'ima B.

Sacred Rage

by Robin Wright

Arab Gulf States

by Robison, Gordon

Conquest Through Immigration

by Robnett, George W.

Islam and Capitalism

by Rodinson, Maxime


by Rodinson, Maxime

Israel and the Arabs

by Rodinson, Maxime


by Rogerson, Barnaby


by Rogerson, Barnaby


by Roseanne Saad Khalaf

Palestinians, The

by Rosemary Sayigh

Bourguiba's Tunisia

by Rossi, Pierre

Family in Egypt, A

by Rowlatt, Mary

Diary of a Jewish Muslim

by Ruhayyim, Kamal

Days in the Diaspora

by Ruhayyim, Kamal Enany, Sarah

Literature and War

by Runo Isaksen


by Rush, Alan

Islam in the World

by Ruthven, Malise

Satanic Affair, A

by Ruthven, Malise