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High Above the Holy Land

by F.F. Bruce


by Facey

Soldier's Story, A

by Facey, William

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The

by Facey, William

Last Of The Angels, The

by Fadhil Al-Azzawi

My Life Story

by Fadhma Amrouche

The Bride of Amman

by Fadi Zaghmout

Earth in the Attic, The

by Fady Joudah

Rape of the Nile, the

by Fagan, Brian M.

Libyan Stories

by Fagih, Ahmed

Homeless Rats

by Fagih, Ahmed

Gazelles and Other Plays

by Fagih, Ahmed

Valley of Ashes

by Fagih, Ahmed

My Name is Salma

by Faqir, Faqir


by Faqit, Fadia

Smiles of the Saints, The

by Farghali, Ibrahim

Israel & Arab Water

by Farid, Abdel Majid


by Farid, Abdel Majid


by Farnsworth, Marty Eshalom, Romeo

Years of No Decision

by Farra, Muhammad

Years of No Decision

by Farra, Muhammad H.

Saudi Arabia

by Farsy, Fouad

Prophets, The

by Fathieh Saudi

Orientalismi Paralleli

by Fatima Abbadi

Talk of Darkness

by Fatna el Bouih

Nadia, Captive of Hope

by Fay Afaf Kanafani


by Fedden, Robin

Syria and Lebanon

by Fedden, Robin

Trucial States, The

by Fenelon, K. G.

Merchants, The

by Field, Michael

Inside the Arab World

by Field, Michael

David and Soloman

by Finkelstein, Israel Silberman, Neil Asher

Shifting Lines In The Sand

by Finnie, David H.

Middle East, The

by Fisher, W. B.

Shi'is of Saudi Arabia, The

by Fouad Ibrahim

I Say My Words Out Loud

by Fouad Negm, Ahmed

Poems from an Israeli Prison

by Fouzi El Asmar

Poems From An Israeli Prison

by Fouzi El Asmar

Palestine Twilight

by Fox, E.

Arabian Peninsula (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

by Fraces Linzee Gordon Anthony Ham, Virginia Maxwell, Jenny Walker

Cairo Guide

by Francy, Claire E.

PLO and Palestine, The

by Frangi, Abdallah

Can I Bring My Own Gun?

by Freedman, Seth

Muslim and Christian Calendars, The

by Freeman-Grenville, GSP

Peace to end all peace, A

by Fromkin, David

Future of Political Islam, The

by Fuller, Graham E.

Kuwait: Arts and Architecture

by Fullerton, Arlene

Palestine is my country

by Furlonge, Geoffrey