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A Mixed Bag

by C. C. Murphy

Taha Husayn

by Cachia, Pierre

Civil Society in Yemen

by Carapico, Sheila

Little Drummer Girl, The

by Carre, John le

East from Tunis

by Carrington, Richard

Merchant Families of Saudi Arabia

by Carter, J. R. L.

Merchant Families of Kuwait

by Carter, J. R. L.

Blood of Abraham, The

by Carter, Jimmy


by Carter, Jimmy

Palestine Question, The

by Cattan, Henry


by Cattan, Henry

Blood Brothers

by Chacour, Elias Hazard, David

Late for Tea at the Deer Palace

by Chalabi, Tamara

Imperial Life in the Emerald City

by Chandrasekaran, Rajiv

Between the Worlds

by Chedid, Andre

Distant Relations:

by Chehabi, H. E.


by Chenal, Odile Snelders, Bas

Morocco and the Sahara

by Cherkaoui, Mohamed

Life for Us

by Choman Hardi

Making The Future

by Chomsky, Noam

Fateful Triangle, The

by Chomsky, Noam

Peace in the Middle East?

by Chomsky, Noam

Towards a New Cold War

by Chomsky, Noam

Star of Algiers, The

by Chouaki, Aziz

Contributions to Islamic Economic Theory

by Choudhury, Masudul Alam

Breaking The Cycle

by Choueiri, Youssef


by Choukri, Mohamed

For Bread Alone

by Choukri, Mohamed

Ali and His Russian Mother

by Chreiteh, Alexandra

Classic Palestinian Cuisine

by Christiane Dabdoub Nasser

Gulf States and Oman

by Christine Osborne

Iran and Iraq at War

by Chubin, Shahram Tripp, Charles


by Chwaszcaz, Joachim

Coffeehouse Footnotes

by Clark, Peter

Islands of Bahrain, The

by Clarke, Angela

Two Alpha Lima

by Clayton, Peter

God Cried

by Clifton, Tony Leroy, Catherine

Education in Egypt

by Cochran, Judith

Saddam Hussein

by Cockburn, Andrew Cockburn, Patrick

Almond Tree, The

by Cohen Corasanti, Michelle

Israel and the Arab World

by Cohen, Aharon

The Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A Beginner's Guide

by Cohn-Sherbok, Dan El-Alami, Dawoud

Republic of Yemen, The

by Colburn, Marta Bradbury, Adam

O Jerusalem!

by Collins, Larry Lapierre, Dominique

Most Important Country, The

by Connell, John

Stolen Youth: The Politics of Israel's Detention of Palestinian Children

by Cook, Catherine, Hanieh, Adam and Kay, Adah

Blood and Religion

by Cook, Jonathan

Disappearing Palestine:

by Cook, Jonathan

cloud of forgetting, A

by Cooper, Pamela

The Almond Tree

by Corasanti, Michelle Cohen

Gaza First

by Corbin, Jane

Asir before World War I

by Cornwallis, Kinahan

World I Loved, A

by Cortas, Wadad Makdisi

Stateless in Gaza

by Cossali, Paul Robson, Clive

Persian Gulf States, The

by Cottrell, Alvin J.

The Lost Pharaohs

by Cottrell, Leonard

Modern Literary Arabic

by Cowan, David

Mind of the Qur'an, The

by Cragg, Kenneth

Arab Christian, The

by Cragg, Kenneth

Modern Egypt Vol.I

by Cromer, Earl of

Modern Egypt Vol. II

by Cromer, Earl of

Nation Reborn, A

by Crossman, Richard

Children of the Siege

by Cutting, Pauline

Arab Regional Women's Studies Workshop

by Cynthia Nelson Soraya Altorki