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Guide To Egypt

by Haag, Michael

Gate Breakers, The

by Habas, Bracha


by Hacker, Marilyn Shehabi, Deema K

Bitter Harvest

by Hadawi, Sami


by Hadawi, Sami

Business Networks in Syria

by Haddad, Bassam

I Killed Scheherazade

by Haddad, Joumama

Islamists and the Challenge of Pluralism

by Haddad, Yvonne Yasbeck

Myrtle Tree, The

by Hage, Rawi

De Niro's Game

by Hage, Rawi

In the Tavern of Life

by Hakim, al- Tawfiq

Return of the Spirit

by Hakim, Tawfiq

Rain Over Baghdad

by Hala El Badry

Lebanon Defied, A

by Halawi, Majed

History of the Jews, A

by Halevi, Ilan

Philosophia Judaica

by Halevi, Jehuda

Arabs in Exile

by Halliday, Fred

Arabs in Exile

by Halliday, Fred

Obstacles to Peace

by Halper, Jeff

Journey to Jerusalem

by Halsall, Grace


by Ham, Anthony


by Hamad, Turki


by Hamad, Turki

Yemen: A Travel Survival Kit

by Hamalainen, Pertti


by Hamalainen, Pertti

Final Bet, The

by Hamdouchi, Abdelilah

Black Magic

by Hamdy el-Gazzar


by Hamid, Abdulwahid

The Last Storytellers

by Hamilton, Richard

The Longing of the Dervish

by Hammour Ziada

Locust and The Bird, The

by Hanan Al-Shaykh

Poet in Andalucia

by Handal, Nathalie

Love and Strange Horses

by Handal, Nathalie

Motoring With Mohammed

by Hansen, Eric

Blood Feuds and Blood Money

by Hardy, M. J. L.

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary

by Haroon Shirwani

In Joy and in Sorrow

by Harris, Lillian Craig

A Journey Through the Yemen

by Harris, Walter

War That Never Was, The

by Hart-Davis, Duff


by Hart, Alan

Zionism (Volume Two)

by Hart, Alan

Palestinian Self-Determination

by Hasan ibn Talal

Arab-Iranian Relations

by Haseeb, Khai El Din

Penguin's Song, the

by Hassan Daoud

Challenge, The

by Hassan II, King of Morocco

Calligraphies of Love

by Hassan Massoudy

Nights of Musk: Stories from Old Nubia

by Hassan Oddoul, Haggag

Mosaics of Jordan, The

by Hassan, HRH Princess Sumaya Piccirillo, Michele

Immigrant Narratives

by Hassan, Wail S.

Approaches to Teaching the Works of Naguib Mahfouz

by Hassan, Wail S. Muaddi Darraj, Susan

Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet, A

by Healey, John F. Smith, G. Rex

Sphinx & Commissar

by Heikal, Mohamed

Autumn of Fury

by Heikal, Mohamed

Cohesion of Saudi Arabia, The

by Helms, Christine Moss

Edge of Arabia

by Hemming, Henry

Edge of Arabia

by Hemming, Henry Porter, Venetia

The Black Book of Arabia

by Hend Al Qassemi

This Strange Eventful History

by Henderson, Edward

Hours to Suez, 100

by Henriques, Robert

The Politics of Genocide

by Herman, Edward S Peterson, David


by Herron, Samantha (Ed.)

Pastoral in Palestine

by Hertz, Neil

Pilgrims and Peacemakers

by Hewitt, Garth


by Hijab, Nadia

Art of Dhow-building in Kuwait, The

by Hijji, Ya'qub Yusuf. Al-

Modern Guide to Iraq, A

by Hilali, A.R.

Sabra Zoo

by Hiller, Mischa

Theocrat, The

by Himmich, Bensalem

Muslim Suicide, A

by Himmich, Bensalem

Uncommon Dubai

by Hind Shoufani

Next Threat, The

by Hippler, Jochen


by Hiro, Dilip

Neighbors, Not Friends

by Hiro, Dilip

Islamic Fundamentalism

by Hiro, Dilip


by Hirst, David Beeson, Irene

The Perception of Meaning

by Hisham Bustani

Capital Cities of Arab Islam

by Hitti, Philip K.

History of the Arabs

by Hitti, Philip K.


by Hitti, Philip K.

Syria: A Short History

by Hitti, Philip K.

Stone of Laughter, The

by Hoda Barakat

Guide to Writing Arabic, A

by Hoffmeier, Sara McLoughlin, Leslie

Farewell to Arabia

by Holden, David

House of Saud, The

by Holden, David Johns, Richard