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Science in the Medieval World

by Sa`id al-Andalusi

Frankenstein in Baghdad

by Saadawi, Ahmed

Fall of the Imam, the

by Saadawi, el Nawal

Novel, The

by Saadawi, N. El

Woman at Point Zero

by Saadawi, Nawal El


by Saadawi, Nawal El

God Dies by the Nile

by Saadawi, Nawal El

Love in the Kingdom of Oil

by Saadawi, Nawal El

Hidden Face of Eve, The

by Saadawi, Nawal El


by Saatchi


by Sabbagh, Karl

Palestine and Palestinians

by Sabri, Giroud

Footnotes in Gaza

by Sacco, Joe

Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi Poems

by Saddiq Al-Radi, Al-

Saddam City

by Saeed, Mahmoud

End of Spring, The

by Sahar Khalifeh


by Sahar Mandour

Points of the Compass

by Sahar Tawfiq


by Said K. Aburish

Culture And Imperialism

by Said, Edward W

Out of Place

by Said, Edward W

After the Last Sky

by Said, Edward W.

Peace and Its Discontents

by Said, Edward W.

Covering Islam

by Said, Edward W.

Question of Palestine, The

by Said, Edward W.

Politics of Dispossession, The

by Said, Edward W.


by Said, Edward W.

Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art

by Said, Issam. El- Parman, Ayse

Cairo Swan Song

by Said, M.

Satellite Realms

by Sakr, Naomi

Baghdad Mon Amour

by Salah Al Hamdani

Uncultured Wars, The

by Salaita, Steven

Open House

by Saleh, Nabil

House of Many Mansions, A

by Salibi, Kamal

Secret Dossier

by Salinger, Pierre Laurent, Eric

From the Lands of Figs and Olives

by Salloum, Habeeb Peters, James

Wiles of Men, The

by Salwa Bakr


by Samar Yazbek

Western Impact On Modern Arabic Poetry

by Samarrai, Dr Ghanim Jasim

Palestine in Focus

by Sami Hadawi

Cairo House, The

by Samia Serageldin

Writing Beirut

by Samira Aghacy

This Part of the World

by Samuel Hazo

Holy Land, The

by Sanders

An Unfinished Business

by Sansal, Boualem

Sun Bread and Sticky Toffee

by Sarah Al Hamad

Sun, Bread and Sticky Toffee

by Sarah El-Hamad

For Palestine

by Saraste, Leena

Desperately Seeking Paradise

by Sardar, Ziauddin

Muhammad For Beginners

by Sardar, Ziauddin Malik, Abbas

Knife Sharpener

by Sargon Boulus

Rape of Kuwait, The

by Sasson, Jean P.

From Abdullah to Hussein

by Satloff, Robert

The Bamboo Stalk

by Saud AlSanousi

Patriarchal Palestine

by Sayce, A. H.

Palestinians From Peasants To Revolutionaries, The

by Sayigh, Rosemary Chomsky, Noam


by Sayigh, Rosemary Chomsky, Noam

Too many enemies

by Sayigh, Rosemary

Economies of the Arab World, The

by Sayigh, Yusif A.

Men and Popular Music in Algeria

by Schade-Poulsen, Marc

A Hand Full of Stars

by Schami, Rafik

Fall of Jerusalem, The

by Schleifer, Abdullah

Genocide in the Holy Land

by Schonfeld, Moshe

Road from Damascus, The

by Scott C. Davis


by Seale, Patrick


by Sebbar, Leila

Standing by the Ruins

by Seigneurie, Ken

Women of the Flask

by Selim Matar

I loved you for your voice

by Selim Nassib

Scents of Marie-Claire, The

by Selmi, Habib

Space for freedom

by Serageldin, Ismail

Love is Like Water

by Serageldin, Samia


by Setian, Varoujan

Voices Revealed

by Shaaban, Bouthaina

House of Stone

by Shadid, Anthony

Burning In the Past Tense

by Shadoud, Suhail