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Seven Pillars of Wisdom

by T. E. Lawrence

Bitter Almonds

by Taha, Lilas

Sacred Night, The

by Tahar Ben Jalloun

Silent Day in Tangiers

by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Sand Child, The

by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Tent, The

by Tahawy, Miral

Blue Aubergine

by Tahawy, Miral

Love in Exile

by Taher, Baha'

Earthquake, The

by Tahir Wattar

Salvation Army

by Taïa, Abdellah

Long Way Back, The

by Takarli, Fuad

The Storyteller of Jerusalem

by Tamari, Salim & Nassar, Issam

Sultan in Palermo, A

by Tariq Ali

Stone Woman, The

by Tariq Ali

The Messenger

by Tariq Ramadan


by Tawfik, Mohamed

High Above Jordan

by Taylor, Jane

Desert Sorrows

by Tayseer al-Sboul

Renaissance Emir

by Ted Gordon

Swimming Toward the Light

by Tehaan Leone, Angela


by Telmissany, May

Beyond Sacred and Secular

by Tepe, Sultan

Cursed Blessing, The

by Teveth, Shabtai

Arabian Sands

by Thesiger, Wilfred

The Marsh Arabs

by Thesiger, Wilfred

Desert, Marsh and Mountain

by Thesiger, Wilfred

The Suez Affair

by Thomas, Hugh

Prescription for Conflict

by Thorpe, Jr. Merle

Modern History of Syria, A

by Tibawi, A. L.

Arabic and Islamic Themes

by Tibawi, A. L.

Travels with a Tangerine

by Tim Macintosh-Smith

On the Edgware Road

by Tohme, Chrstine Wells, William

Eros Island

by Tony Hanania


by Tony Hanania

Into The Promised Land

by Tordai, J. C. Morris, Harvey

Desperate Spring

by Touati, Fettouma

Moon and Henna Tree

by Toufiq, Ahmed


by Towfik, Ahmed Khaled

Arabian Nights, The

by Townsend, G. Fyler

A History of Modern Lebanon

by Traboulsi, Fawwaz

Egyptian Years

by Tregenza, L. A.

Mountainous Journey, A

by Tuqan, Fadwa

Between Islam and the State

by Turam, Berna

Disinherited, The

by Turki, Fawaz