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Unattainable Lotus, The

by Kashgari, Badia

Unbuttoning the Violin

by Ez-Eldin, Mansoura et al

Uncommon Dubai

by Hind Shoufani

Uncultured Wars, The

by Salaita, Steven

Under a Mushroom Cloud

by Emanuele Ottolenghi

Under the Tripoli Sky

by Kamal Ben Hameda

Understanding Iraq

by Polk, William

Understanding the Qur'an Today

by Hussein, Mahmoud

Uneasy lies the head

by Hussein, King of Jordan

Unfinished Odyssey, An

by Hourani, Cecil

Unfortunately, It was Paradise

by Mahmoud Darwish

Unholy Babylon

by Darwish, Adel Alexander, Gregory

United Arab republic of Egypt

by Owen, Robert Blunsum, Terence


by Saatchi

Using Life

by Naji, Ahmed


by Towfik, Ahmed Khaled