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B as in Beirut

by Younes, I. H.

Ba'th v Ba'th

by Kienle, Eberhard

Bab EL-Oued

by Allouache, Merzak

Bad News from Israel

by Philo Greg Mike Berry

Bad News From Israel

by Philo, Greg Berry, Mike


by Baqir, Taha

Baghdad Blog, The

by Pax, Salam

Baghdad Blues, The

by Antoon, Sinan

Baghdad Bulletin

by Enders, David

Baghdad Diaries

by Nuha al-Radi

Baghdad Mon Amour

by Salah Al Hamdani

Baghdad Noir

by Shimon, Samuel

Baghdad The City in Verse

by Reuven Snir

Baghdad Without A Map

by Horwitz, Tony

Bahrain Through The Ages

by Khalifa, Shaikh Abdullah bin Khalid

Balconies: A Mediterranean Memoir

by Mojabber Mourani, Mishkja

Balcony over the Fakihani

by Badr, Liana

Balfour Declaration, The

by Stein, Leonard

Balthasar's Odyssey

by Maalouf, Maalouf

Bank Notes of Yemen, The

by Symes, Peter Hanewich, Murray

Bantustan Gaza

by Locke, Richard Stewart, Antony

Bar Balto

by Guene, Faiza

Barbary Figs, The

by Boudjedra, Rashid Naffis-Sahely, Andre


by Khudayyir, Muhammad


by Khudayyir, Muhammad

Bassam Shak'a

by Woolfson, Marion

Battle of Destiny, The

by Qadhafi, Mu'ammar

Battle of Poitiers, The

by Zaidan, Jurji Granara, William

Bedoon Ta'aleeq

by Kahil, Kahli

Bedouin, The

by Weir, Shelagh

Before Their Diaspora

by Walid Khalidi

Behind the myth

by Gowers, Andrew Walker, Tony

Behind the Veil of Vice

by Bradley, John R.

Being Abbas El Abd

by Alaidy, Ahmed

Being Abbas el Abd

by Alaidy, Ahmed

Being Arab

by Kassir, Samir


by Kassir, Samir

Beirut Blues

by Al Shaykh, Hanan

Beirut, Beirut

by Sonallah Ibrahim

Beirut, I love you

by Zena El Khalil

Belt, The

by Abodehman, Ahmed

Best Of New Arabic Fiction, The

by Qandil, Mohamed Mansi Ez Eldin, Mansoura

Bet You Didn't Know This About Beirut!

by Singh-Bartlett, Warren Hallak, Sinan

Bethlehem Speaks

by Garth Hewitt

Between God and the Sultan

by Vikor, Knut S.

Between Islam and the State

by Turam, Berna

Between Sips of Coffee

by Abdulrahman, Abdullah

Between the Worlds

by Chedid, Andre

Beyond Love

by Hussein, Hadiya

Beyond Sacred and Secular

by Tepe, Sultan

Beyond the Myth

by Belhassan, Sylvia Fullerton, Arlene & Slaoui, Hassan

Beyond the veil

by Mernissi, Fatima

Bible and colonialism, The

by Prior, Michael

Birds of Amber

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

Bitter Almonds

by Taha, Lilas

Bitter Harvest

by Hadawi, Sami

Black Magic

by Hamdy el-Gazzar

Black Magic

by El Gazzar, Hamdy

Black Magic

by Gazzar, H. el-

Bleeding of the Stone, The

by Ibrahim Al-Koni

Bleeding of the Stone, The

by Koni, Ibrahim

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

by Rantisi, Audeh G. Beebe, Ralph K.

Blood and Religion

by Cook, Jonathan

Blood Brothers

by Chacour, Elias Hazard, David

Blood Feuds and Blood Money

by Hardy, M. J. L.

Blood of Abraham, The

by Carter, Jimmy

Blood Test

by Abbas Beydoun

Blood-dimmed tide, A

by Elon, Amos

Blue Aubergine

by Tahawy, Miral

Blue Lorries

by Radwa Ashour

Blue Lorries

by Ashour, Radwa

Blue Nile, The

by Moorehead, Alan

Book of Generations, The

by Mansour Ajami

Book of Saladin, The

by Ali, Tariq

Borrowed Time

by Daoud, Hassan

Both Right and Left Handed

by Bouthaina Shaaban

Bottom of the Jar, The

by Laabi, Abdellatif Naffis-Sahely, Andre

Bourguiba's Tunisia

by Rossi, Pierre

Breaking Knees

by Zakaria Tamer

Breaking The Cycle

by Choueiri, Youssef

Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet, A

by Healey, John F. Smith, G. Rex

Britain and Saudi Arabia 1925-1939

by Leatherdale, Clive

Britain and the Arabs

by Pasha, Glubb