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I am Yusuf and This is My Brother

by Amir Nizar Zuabi

I Killed Scheherazade

by Haddad, Joumama

I loved you for your voice

by Selim Nassib

I Saw Ramallah

by Barghouti, Mourid

I Say My Words Out Loud

by Fouad Negm, Ahmed

I Think of You

by Soueif, Ahdaf

I Want to Get Married

by Abdel Aal, Ghada

I was a Point. I was a Circle

by Houda al-Naamani

I Was Born There, I Was Born Here

by Barghouti, Mourid

I Was Born There, I Was Born Here

by Barghouti, Mourid

I'jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody

by Antoon, Sinan

Illusion of Return, The

by Youssef, Samir

Immigrant Narratives

by Hassan, Wail S.

Imperial Fictions

by Rana Kabbani

Imperial Identities

by Lorcin, Patricia M. E.

Imperial Life in the Emerald City

by Chandrasekaran, Rajiv

Imperial Quest for Oil

by Majcher, Helmut

In A Fertile Desert

by Johnson-Davies, Denys

In Joy and in Sorrow

by Harris, Lillian Craig

In Praise Of Hatred

by Khalifa, Khaled

In Search of Fatima

by Ghada Karmi

In Search of Walid Masoud

by Jabra, Ibrahim

In the Country of Men

by Matar, Hisham

In the Eye of the Storm

by Patrick Cordingley

In the Middle of Nowhere

by Ibrahim Yared

In The Name of God

by Yasmina Khadra

In the Presence of Absence

by Darwish, Mahmoud

In the Tavern of Life

by Hakim, al- Tawfiq

In Their Father's Country

by Anne-Marie Drosso

Independent Iraq

by Khadduri, Majid


by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Inheritance, The

by Khalifa, Sahar

Inside Al Qaeda

by Sifaoui, Mohamed

Inside the Arab World

by Field, Michael

Inside the Kingdom

by Robert Lacey


by Peretz, Don

Into The Promised Land

by Tordai, J. C. Morris, Harvey

Intrepid Arabia

by Dalrymple, William

Iran and Iraq at War

by Chubin, Shahram Tripp, Charles


by Geoff Hann Karen Dabrowska


by Inati, Shams C.


by Hiro, Dilip

Iraq and Syria 1941

by Warner, Geoffrey

Iraq since 1958

by Sluglett, Marion Farouk Sluglett, Peter

Iraq Under Qassam

by Dann, Uriel

Iraq War, The

by Israeli, Raphael

Iraq War, The

by Murray, Williamson Scales Jr, Robert

Iraq-Iran Conflict

by Aziz, Tareq

Iraq-Iran War, The

by AbdulRahman, K. M.

Iraqi Cookbook, The

by Lamees Ibrahim

Iraqi in Paris, An

by Shimon, Samuel

Iraqi Jews

by Shiblak, Abbas

Iraqi Nights, The

by Dunya Mikhail


by Guillaume, Alfred


by Hamid, Abdulwahid


by Gibb, H. A. R.


by Guillaume, Alfred

Islam and Capitalism

by Rodinson, Maxime

Islam and Democracy

by Mernissi, Fatima

Islam and Israel

by Dumper, Michael

Islam and Science

by Hoodbhoy, Pervez

Islam and the West

by Walker, Christopher J.

Islam Europe and Empire

by Daniel, Norman

Islam in a World of Nation States

by Piscatori, James P.

Islam in History

by Lewis, Bernard

Islam in the World

by Ruthven, Malise

Islam the fear and the hope

by Boulares, Habib

Islamic Art (World of Art)

by Rice, David Talbot

Islamic Fundamentalism

by Hiro, Dilip

Islamic Law of Nations, The

by Khadduri, Majid

Islamic Science

by Nasr, Seyyed Hossein

Islamic Threat, The

by Esposito, John L.

Islamic Year, The

by Gailani, Noorah Smith, Chris

Islamist, The

by Husain, Ed