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by Bianco, Mirella

Game of Forgetting, The

by Mohammed Berrada

Gardens of the Night

by Ahmed Faqih

Gate Breakers, The

by Habas, Bracha

Gate of the Sun

by Khoury, Elias

Gateway to Arabic (Book 1)

by Imran Alawiye


by Jean-Pierre Filiu

Gaza First

by Corbin, Jane

Gaza Kitchen, The

by El-Haddad, Laila Schmitt, Maggie

Gaza: Legacy of Occupation

by Doughty, Dick Aydi, Mohammed

Gazelles and Other Plays

by Fagih, Ahmed

General's Son, The

by Peled, Miko Walker, Alice

Genesis 1948

by Kurzman, Dan

Genocide in the Holy Land

by Schonfeld, Moshe

Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art

by Said, Issam. El- Parman, Ayse

German Mujahid, The

by Boualem Sansal


by Najmi, Hassan

Gibran, Rihani and Naimy

by Imangulieva, Aida

Gibran's Little Book of Love

by Gibran, Kahlil

Girls of Alexandria

by Al-Kharrat, Edwar

Girls of Riyadh

by Alsanea, Rajaa

Glossary of Islam, A

by Sourdel, Dominique Sourdel-Thomine, Janine

God Cried

by Clifton, Tony Leroy, Catherine

God Dies by the Nile

by Saadawi, Nawal El

God Has Ninety-Nine Names

by Judith Miller

Gold Dust

by al-Koni, Ibrahim

Golda Slept Here

by Suad Amiry

Government and Politics of Israel, The

by Peretz, Don Doron, Gideon


by Ashour, Radwa

Grandfather's Tale

by Ulfat Idilbi

Green Book Part One, The

by Qadhafi, Mu'ammar

Green Book Part Two, The

by Qadhafi, Mu'ammar

Green Mountain

by Williams, Gwyn

Guerrillas For Palestine

by Rayyes, Riad Nahas, Dunia

Guest Boy

by Marbrook, Djelloul

Guide To Egypt

by Haag, Michael

Guide to the Libyan Jamahereya

by Ashiurakis, Ahmed M

Guide to Writing Arabic, A

by Hoffmeier, Sara McLoughlin, Leslie

Gulf Between Us, The

by Brittain, Victoria

Gulf States and Oman

by Christine Osborne

Gulf, The

by Bulloch, John