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Cage without Bars, A

by Ibrahim Yared


by Andrew Beattie Penelope Lively

Cairo Guide

by Francy, Claire E.

Cairo House, The

by Samia Serageldin

Cairo Modern

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Cairo Paris Melbourne

by Abou Elsaoud, Maher

Cairo Swan Song

by Said, M.

Caliph's Heirs, The

by Zaidan, Jurji Cooperson, Michael

Caliph's Sister, The

by Zaidan, Jurji Boullata, Issa J.

Calligrapher's Garden, The

by Massoudy, Hassan

Calligrapher's Secret, The

by Rafik Schami

Calligraphies of Love

by Hassan Massoudy

Cambridge Atlas of the Middle East and North Africa, The

by Blake, Gerald Dewdney, John & Mitchell, Jonathan


by Irwin, Robert

Camp Shatila

by Mortimer, Peter

Can I Bring My Own Gun?

by Freedman, Seth


by Tawfik, Mohamed

Capital Cities of Arab Islam

by Hitti, Philip K.

Caught In Between

by Abu El Assal, Riah

Cell Block Five

by Azzawi, F. Al

Challenge, The

by Hassan II, King of Morocco

Chameleon in my Garden

by Nita Nicholson

Changed Identities

by Yamani, Mai

Chaos of the Senses

by Ahlem Mosteghanemi

Chaos or rebirth

by Adams, Michael

Checkpoint Watch

by Keshet, Yehudit

Chewing Gum

by Bushnaf, Mansour

Chewing Gum

by Mansour Bushnaf


by Aswany, A. Al

Children of Bethany

by Aburish, Said

Children of Bethlehem

by White, Patrick

Children of Gebelawi

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Children of the Siege

by Cutting, Pauline

Children of the Waters

by Ibtihal Salem

Cigarette Number Seven

by Kamal, Donia


by Samar Yazbek

Circling Song, The

by Nawal El-Saadawi

Cities Of Salt

by Munif, Abdelrahman Theroux, Peter

Cities of Salt

by Munif, Abd al-Rahman

Cities Without Palms

by Eltayeb, T.

Citizens Apart

by Minns, Amina Hijab, Nadia

City of Love and Ashes

by Idris, Yusuf

City of Oranges

by LeBor, Adam

City of Saffron

by Al-Kharrat, Edwar

City Of San'a

by Kirkman, James

Civil Society in Yemen

by Carapico, Sheila

Civil War in the Sudan

by Daly, M. W.

Clamor of the Lake

by Bisatie, Mohamed

Clash of Barbarisms., The

by Achcar, Gilbert

Class and Client in Beirut

by Johnson, Michael

Classic Palestinian Cuisine

by Christiane Dabdoub Nasser

Classical Arabic Literature

by Van Gelder, Geert Jan

cloud of forgetting, A

by Cooper, Pamela

Coffeehouse Footnotes

by Clark, Peter

Cohesion of Saudi Arabia, The

by Helms, Christine Moss

Collar and the Bracelet, The

by Abdullah, Yahya Taher

Coloured Lights

by Leila Aboulela

Commander of the Faithful

by Kiser, John W.

Committee, The

by Ibrahim, Sun'Allah

Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, A

by Newby, Gordon D.

Concise History of the Middle East, A

by Goldschmidt, Arthur


by Rabee Jaber

Conflicting Narratives

by Milich, Stephan Pannewick, Friederike

Conquest of Andalusia, The

by Zaidan, Jurji

Conquest Through Immigration

by Robnett, George W.

Consorts of the Caliphs

by Ibn al-Sa'i

Continent Called Palestine, A

by Najwa Kawar Farah

Contributions to Islamic Economic Theory

by Choudhury, Masudul Alam