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Kahlil Gibran: Man and Poet

by Bushrui, Suheil Jenkins, Joe

Kalila and Dimna

by Wood, Ramsay

Kalila and Dimna

by Wood, Ramsay Wood, Michael


by West, Johnny

Keep Your Eye on the Wall

by Raja Shehadeh Malu Halasa

Khalil Gibran

by Alexandre Najjar

Khan al-Khalili

by Naguib Mahfouz

Khirbet Khizeh

by Yizhar, S


by Nourallah, Riad

King Crane Commission, The

by Howar, Harry N.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The

by Facey, William

Kingdom, The

by Lacey, Robert

Knife Sharpener

by Sargon Boulus


by Alameddine, Rabih

Kurdish Revolt 1961-1970, The

by O'Ballance, Edgar

Kurds, The

by Bois, Thomas


by Shaw, Ralph


by Shaw, Ralph


by Mitri, Oscar Boulad, Gerard

Kuwait and her Neighbours

by Dickson, H.R.R.

Kuwait Arts and Architecture

by Arlene Fullerton

Kuwait From Above

by Bertrand, Yann Arthus

Kuwait journey

by Daniels, John

Kuwait, Vanguard of the Gulf

by Mansfield, Peter

Kuwait: A Nation's Story

by Vine, Peter Casey, Paula

Kuwait: Arts and Architecture

by Fullerton, Arlene

Kuwaiti Traditions

by Al Sabah, Altaf Salem Al Ali