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Raeda Saadeh

by Issa, Rose

Rain Inside

by Nasrallah, Ibrahim Amin, Omnia

Rain Over Baghdad

by Hala El Badry

Rama & the Dragon

by Kharrat, Edwar

Rama and the Dragon

by al-Kharrat, Edwar

Rape of Kuwait, The

by Sasson, Jean P.

Rape of the Nile, the

by Fagan, Brian M.

Reading Arabia

by Andrew C. Long

Red Wine

by Zaydan, Amina

Reel Bad Arabs

by Shaheen, Jack G.


by Soueif, Ahdaf (Ed.)

Reformation of Egypt, The

by Badawi. M. A. Zaki


by Merali, Shaheen


by Kidron, Peretz


by Chenal, Odile Snelders, Bas

Remeber Me to Lebanon

by Evelyn Shakir

Renaissance Emir

by Ted Gordon

Renewal of Islamic law, The

by Mallat, Chibli


by Issa, Rose

Republic of Yemen, The

by Colburn, Marta Bradbury, Adam

Republican Iraq

by Khadduri, Majid

Resentful Arab, The

by Jamal A. Nasser

Resistance in the Desert

by Dunn, Ross E.

Resurrecting Empire

by Khalidi, Rashid

Retired Gentleman, A

by Issa J. Boullata

Return of the Spirit

by Hakim, Tawfiq

Return to Childhood

by Leila Abouzeid

Return to Dar Al-Basha

by Nasr, Hassan

Return to Jerusalem

by Husseini, Hassan Jamal

Return to the Marshes

by Young, Gavin

Revolt, The

by Begin, Menachem

Revolution Day

by Omaar, Rageh

Revolution is My Name

by Mona Prince

Riddle Of Qaf, The

by Alberto Mussa

Rings of Burnished Brass

by Idris, Yusuf

Rising of the Ashes, The

by Ben Jalloun, Tahar

Rites of Asset

by Abd al-Hakim Qasim

River Dies of Thirst, A

by Mahmoud Darwish


by Facey

Road from Damascus, The

by Scott C. Davis

Road Home, The

by Garth Hewitt

Road to Jerusalem

by Litvinoff, Barnet

Rock and a Hard Place, A

by Butt, Gerald

Rue du Retour

by Abdellatif Laabi

Rug of a Thousand Colours

by Iyad Hayatleh Tessa Ransford

Rumi: Words of Paradise

by Jalal al-Din Rumi

Rwala Bedouin Today, The

by Lancaster, William