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Face in the Crowd, A

by Asseily, Youmna

Face of Defeat, The

by Pryce-Jones, David

Fahres Al-Khattat

by Eyen Design and Amman Design Week

Faisal King of Saudi Arabia

by De Gaury, Gerald

Faith and Freedom

by Afkhami, Mahnaz

Faithful City, The

by Joseph, Dov

Falafel King Is Dead, The

by Shilo, Sara

Fall of Jerusalem, The

by Schleifer, Abdullah

Fall of the Imam, the

by Saadawi, el Nawal

Family in Egypt, A

by Rowlatt, Mary

Far From Madina

by Assia Djebar

Farewell to Arabia

by Holden, David

Farewell, Babylon

by Kattan, Naim

Farewell, Babylon

by Naim Kattan

Fasting and Feasting in Morocco

by Buitelaar, Marjo

Fate of a Prisoner and other stories

by Denys Johnson-Davies

Fateful Triangle, The

by Chomsky, Noam

Fathi Hassan

by Issa, Rose

Fatma: A Novel of Arabia

by Alem, Raja

Fez: City of Islam

by Burckhardt, Titus

Fifty Years in Palestine

by Newton, Frances E

Final Bet, The

by Hamdouchi, Abdelilah

Final Night

by Nasiri, Buthaina

First Light

by Khalifa, Hamad Bin Isa

Fishes of Kuwait

by Kuronuma, Katsuzo Abe, Yoshitaka

Flawed Landscapes

by Sharif Almusa

Footnotes in Gaza

by Sacco, Joe

For Bread Alone

by Choukri, Mohamed

For Palestine

by Saraste, Leena

Fractured Destinies

by Al-Madhoun, Rabai

France & Ottoman Lebanon 1861-1914

by Spagnolo, John P.

Frankenstein in Baghdad

by Saadawi, Ahmed

French North Africa

by Berque, Jacques

French Perfume

by Amir Tag Elsir

Friendly Fire

by Al Aswany, Alaa

From Abdullah to Hussein

by Satloff, Robert

From Baghdad to Bedlam

by Kadar, Magad d,Abo, Noel

From Beirut to Jerusalem

by Ang, Dr Swee Chai

From Haven To Conquest

by Khalidi, Walid

From Here I can see the End

by Ibrahim Yared

From MTV to Mecca

by Backer, Kristiane

From my Sister's Lips

by Robert, Na'ima B.

From Stones to Nationhood

by Bennis, Phyllis

From the Lands of Figs and Olives

by Salloum, Habeeb Peters, James

Fulfilment in the Promised land

by Bentwich, Norman

Fullblood Arabian

by Osama Alomar

Future of Islam, The

by Esposito, John L.

Future of Political Islam, The

by Fuller, Graham E.