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L'Art Arabe

by D'Avennes

La Prisonniere

by Oufkir, Malika Fitoussi, Michelle

Labour Migration to the Middle East

by Speckman, J.D. Eelens, Schampers

Lady From Tel Aviv, The

by Al-Madhoun, Raba'i Colla, Elliot

Lake Beyond the Wind, A

by Yahya Yakhlif

Land and the Book, The

by W.M. Thomson

Land Before Honour

by Warnock

Land of No Rain

by Amjad Nasser Jonathan Wright

Land without a People, A

by Nur Masalha

Language of Baklava, The

by Abu-Jaber, Diana

Languages of Jerusalem, The

by Spolsky, Bernard Cooper, Robert L.

Last Chapter, The

by Abouzeid, Leila

Last Of The Angels, The

by Fadhil Al-Azzawi

Late for Tea at the Deer Palace

by Chalabi, Tamara

Lawrence and the Arabs

by Graves, Robert

Lawrence of Arabia

by Anthony Nutting

Learning English

by Daif, Rachid

Learning English

by Daif, R. al-

Leaves of Narcissus

by Somaya Ramadan

Leaving Beirut

by Mai Ghoussoub

Leaving Islam

by Ibn Warraq

Leaving Tangier

by Ben Jalloun, Tahar

Lebanese Cinema

by Lina Khatib

Lebanese Cuisine: Past and Present

by Andree Maalouf Karim Haidar


by Gordon, David C.


by Gordon, David C.


by Roseanne Saad Khalaf


by Gilmour, David

Lebanon at Mid-Century

by Abraham, A. J.

Lebanon Defied, A

by Halawi, Majed

Lebanon, Lebanon

by various

Leg Over Leg: Volume Four

by Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq Humphrey Davies

Leg over Leg: Volume One

by Shidyaq, al- Ahmad Faris

Leg Over Leg: Volume Three

by Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq Humphrey Davies

Leg Over Leg: Volume Two

by Shidyaq, al- Ahmad Faris

Legends of the Fire Spirits

by Lebling, Robert

Leo The African

by Maalouf, Maalouf

Les Mosquees du Caire

by Wiet, Gaston

Letters from Cairo

by Kaldas, Pauline


by Ham, Anthony


by Simons, Geoff

Libya of Idris el Senoussi

by Annane, Mohammad

Libya's Hidden Pages of History

by Mustafa Ben Halim

Libyan Proverbs

by Ashiurakis, Ahmed M

Libyan Revolution, The

by Ansell, Meredith O Arif, Ibrahim Massaud

Libyan Sands

by Bagnold, R. A.

Libyan Stories

by Fagih, Ahmed

Life After Baghdad

by Somekh, Sasson

life and times of Muhammad, The

by Glubb, John Bagot

Life for Us

by Choman Hardi

Life of Mohammad, The

by Ibrahim, Siman Ben Dinet, Etienne

Life's Wisdom

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Literary Heritage of the Arabs, The

by Bushrui, Suheil Malarkey, James M.

Literature and War

by Runo Isaksen

Little Drummer Girl, The

by Carre, John le

Little Mountain

by Khoury, Elias

Living Islam

by Ahmed, Akbar

Locust and The Bird, The

by Hanan Al-Shaykh

Lodging House, The

by Shalaby, Khairy

Long Way Back, The

by Takarli, Fuad

Losing Iraq

by Phillips, David L.

Lost History

by Morgan, Michael Hamilton

Lost World of Socotra, The

by Richard Boggs

Love and Strange Horses

by Handal, Nathalie

Love in Exile

by Taher, Baha'

Love in the Kingdom of Oil

by Saadawi, Nawal El

Love in the Rain

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Love is Like Water

by Serageldin, Samia

Love Letters in the Sand

by Kahlil Gibran

Love Letters in the Sand

by Khalil Gibran

Love Made Visible

by Jean Gibran

Love Story, A

by Ghazi A Algosaibi

Love Wins: Palestinian Perseverance Behind Walls

by Afzal Huda Waleed Abu-Ghazeleh

Loved Ones, The

by Mamdouh, Alia

Lovers of Algeria, The

by Benmalek, Anouar

Lure of Zion, The

by Shiblak, Abbas