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Sabra Zoo

by Hiller, Mischa

Sacred Night, The

by Tahar Ben Jalloun

Sacred Rage

by Robin Wright

Sacred Script

by Mansour, Nassar


by Hirst, David Beeson, Irene

Saddam City

by Saeed, Mahmoud

Saddam Hussein

by Cockburn, Andrew Cockburn, Patrick

Saddam Hussein

by Aburish, Said K.

Sadder Than Water

by Qasim, Samih Al-

Safety Last

by Lt. Col. W.F. Stirling

Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art

by Nada Shabout Wassan Al-Khudairi


by Ibish, Yusuf

Salvation Army

by Taïa, Abdellah


by Makarem, Yasmeen

Sand Child, The

by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Sand Fish, The

by Gargash, Maha


by El Akkad, Abbas Mahmoud


by Abdulkareem Kasid


by Azzam, Fadi

Satanic Affair, A

by Ruthven, Malise

Satellite Realms

by Sakr, Naomi

Saudi Arabia

by Philby, Harry St. J. B.

Saudi Arabia

by Babelli, Mohammed

Saudi Arabia

by Farsy, Fouad

Saudi Arabian Mirrors

by Sifi, A.

Saudi File, The

by Jerichow, Anders

Savage War of Peace, A

by Horne, Alastair

Sayyid Qutb

by Musallam, Adnan

Scatterd Like Seeds

by Shaw J. Dallal

Scattered Crumbs

by Muhsin al-Ramli

Scents of Marie-Claire, The

by Selmi, Habib

School of War, The

by Alexandre Najjar

Science in the Medieval World

by Sa`id al-Andalusi

Screens of Influence

by Dr Najat AlSaied

Sealed Room, The

by Shehadeh, Raja

Search, The

by Zayyat, Latifa


by Etel Adnan

Secret Dossier

by Salinger, Pierre Laurent, Eric

Security Arabic

by Mark Evans Elisabeth Kendall

See Ouarzazate and Die

by Kennedy, Sylvia

Seek Peace and Ensue It

by Reddaway, John

Seeking sanctuary

by Reilly, Hilda

Seige of Mecca, The

by Yaroslav Trofimov

Selections from 'the Art of Party-Crashing' in Medieval Iraq

by Al-Baghdadi, Al-Khatib Selove, Emily

Serpent of the Nile

by Buonaventura, Wendy


by Ghazi A Algosaibi

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

by T. E. Lawrence

Seven Veils of Seth, The

by Ibrahim Al-Koni

Seventh Heaven, The

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Sexuality in Islam

by Bouhdiba, Abdelwahab

Shattering The Stereotype

by Afzal-Khan, Fawzia

Sheba Revealed

by Groom, Nigel


by Sebbar, Leila

Shi'is of Saudi Arabia, The

by Fouad Ibrahim

Shifting Lines In The Sand

by Finnie, David H.

Shifting Sands

by David Ledger

Shoot an Iraqi

by Wafaa Bilal


by Hamad, Turki

Side of Peace, This

by Ashrawi, Hanan Mikhail

Silence and the Roar, The

by Sirees, Nihad Weiss, Max

Silence of My Father, The

by Najjar, Alexandre

Silent Day in Tangiers

by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Silent No More

by Paul Findley

Silver Jewellery of Oman

by Rajab, Jehan S

Siraaj: An Arab Tale

by Ashour, R.

Situe Stories, The

by Khirallah Noble, Frances

Six Hundred Days

by Koch, Jr. Howard

Sky So Close, A

by Khedairi, Betool

Smell of it, The

by Ibrahim, Sonallah

Smiles of the Saints, The

by Farghali, Ibrahim

So Vast The Prison

by Djebar, Assia