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by Rihawi, Abdulqader


by Rafik Schami Marie Fadel


by Herron, Samantha (Ed.)

Dates on my Fingers

by Muhsin al-Ramli

Daughter of Damascus

by Siham Tergeman

Daughter of Isis, A

by Nawal El Saadawi

David and Soloman

by Finkelstein, Israel Silberman, Neil Asher

Days in the Diaspora

by Ruhayyim, Kamal Enany, Sarah

Days of Dust

by Barakat, Halim

Days of Ignorance

by Aljohani, Laila

DC Confidential

by Meyer, Christopher

De Niro's Game

by Hage, Rawi

Dear Mr Kawabata

by Al-Daif, Rashid

Decade of Decisions

by Quandt, William

Defenders of God

by Lawrence, Bruce B.

Defending the West

by Ibn Warraq

Defy The Stars

by Hurndall, Jocelyn

Deleted Part,The

by Adnan Al-Sayegh

Desert Falcon, The

by Morris, Claud

Desert Governess

by Ellis, Phyllis

Desert King, The

by Howarth, David

Desert Sorrows

by Tayseer al-Sboul

Desert Warrior

by Khaled bin Sultan

Desert, Marsh and Mountain

by Thesiger, Wilfred

Despairing Developer, The

by Morris, Timothy

Desperate Spring

by Touati, Fettouma

Desperately Seeking Paradise

by Sardar, Ziauddin

Devil You don't know, The

by Zuhair al- Jezairy

Devil's Game

by Robert Dreyfuss

Diary of a Jewish Muslim

by Ruhayyim, Kamal


by Hacker, Marilyn Shehabi, Deema K

Different Kind of War, A

by Sponeck, Hans-Christof

Dimensions of the Gulf Crisis

by Giritli, Ismet

Disappearing Palestine:

by Cook, Jonathan

Disciples of Passion

by Barakat, Hoda

Discord in Zion

by Giladi, G. N.


by Rania al-Baz

Disinherited, The

by Turki, Fawaz

Disordered World

by Maalouf, Amin


by Gilmour, David

Dissident Syria

by Miriam Cooke

Distant Relations:

by Chehabi, H. E.

Distant Train

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

Does The Land Remember Me?

by Shihab, Aziz

Don't Forget the Couscous

by Amir Darwish


by Ali, Idris

Dreaming of Baghdad

by Zangana, Haifa

Dreams from the Endz

by Guène, Faïza

Dreams of Departure

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Dreams, The

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Drift Latitudes, The

by Mahjoub, Jamal


by El-Bisate, Mohamed

Druze, The

by Betts, Robert

Dubai Tales

by Murr, Muhammad

Duet for Freedom

by AbdelHamid, Dina


by Telmissany, May

Dust of Promises, The

by Mosteghanemi, Ahlem

Dusting the Colour from Roses

by Algosaibi, Ghazi