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Palace in the Old Village, A

by Jelloun, Tahar Ben


by Sabbagh, Karl


by Hadawi, Sami


by Stedman, Henry


by Abcarius, M F


by Carter, Jimmy


by Joe Sacco

Palestine and Palestinians

by Sabri, Giroud

Palestine Chronicle, A

by Mehdi, M. R.

Palestine Diary, The

by John, Robert Hadawi, Sami

Palestine Diary, The

by John, Robert Hadawi, Sami

Palestine in Focus

by Sami Hadawi

Palestine Inside Out

by Makdisi, Saree

Palestine is my country

by Furlonge, Geoffrey

Palestine Mission

by Richard Crossman

Palestine on the Eve

by Ladislas Farago

Palestine Papers

by Ingrams, Doreen

Palestine Question, The

by Cattan, Henry

Palestine Reborn

by Khalidi, Walid

Palestine Story

by Stubbs, Richard

Palestine Triangle, The

by Bethell, Nicholas

Palestine Twilight

by Fox, E.

Palestine Twilight

by Edward Fox

Palestine Under The Mandate

by Hyamson, A. M.

Palestine: A Guide

by Shahin, Mariam Azar, George

Palestine: An Inescapable Duty

by Watkins, David

Palestine's Children

by Kanafani, Ghassan

Palestinian Art

by Boullata, Kamal

Palestinian Catastrophe, The

by Palumbo, Michael

Palestinian Children & Israeli State Violence

by Graff, James A. Abdolell, Mohamed

Palestinian Costume

by Weir, Shelagh

Palestinian Embroidery

by Weir, Shelagh Shahid, Serene

Palestinian Movement in Politics, The

by Jureidini, Paul Hazen, William

Palestinian Self-Determination

by Hasan ibn Talal

Palestinian Village Home, The

by Amiry, Suad Tamari, Vera

Palestinian Walks

by Raja Shehadeh

Palestinian Wedding, The

by Elmessiri, A. M.

Palestinian Women

by Augustin, Ebba


by Sayigh, Rosemary Chomsky, Noam

Palestinians From Peasants To Revolutionaries, The

by Sayigh, Rosemary Chomsky, Noam

Palestinians in Israel, The

by Zureik, Elia T.

Palestinians, The

by Dimbleby, Jonathan

Palestinians, The

by Rosemary Sayigh

Papa Sartre

by Bader, Ali

Papa Sartre

by Bader, A.


by Nakhjavani, Bahiyyih

Parallels and Paradoxes

by Barenboim, Daniel Said, Edward W

Parley Tree, The

by Williamson, Patrick

Passing of French Algeria, The

by Gordon, David C.

Pastoral in Palestine

by Hertz, Neil

Patriarchal Palestine

by Sayce, A. H.


by Aburish, Said K.

Peace and Its Discontents

by Said, Edward W.

Peace and Unity

by Gemayel, Amine

Peace in the Holy Land

by Glubb, John Bagot

Peace in the Middle East?

by Chomsky, Noam

Peace to end all peace, A

by Fromkin, David

Penguin's Song, the

by Hassan Daoud

Perfidious Albion

by Marlowe, John

Persian Gulf States, The

by Cottrell, Alvin J.

Philosophia Judaica

by Halevi, Jehuda

Phoenicia and the Phoenicians

by Baramki, Dmitri

Photographer on the Hajj, A

by Kioumgi, Farid Graham, Robert

Pilgrim in Arabia

by Philby, Harry St. J. B.

Pilgrim Preacher

by Macpherson, Duncan Rev. Ateek, Naim

Pilgrimage to Mecca

by Lady Evelyn Cobbold

Pilgrims and Peacemakers

by Hewitt, Garth

Pirates of Trucial Oman, The

by Bartlett, H Moyse

Pity The Nation

by Robert Fisk

Plague Lands

by Karim, Fawzi

Plain of Dead Cities, The

by McLaren, Bruce

Plan of Attack

by Woodward, Bob

Plan of attack

by Woodward, Bob

Playing Cards in Cairo

by Hugh Miles

PLO and Palestine, The

by Frangi, Abdallah

Ploughing Sand

by Shepherd, Naomi

Poems from above the hill

by Etwebi, Ashur

Poems from an Israeli Prison

by Fouzi El Asmar

Poems From An Israeli Prison

by Fouzi El Asmar

Poet in Andalucia

by Handal, Nathalie

Points of the Compass

by Sahar Tawfiq

Political Islam

by Ayubi, Nazih

Political Islam

by Beinin, Joel

Politics in an Arabian Oasis

by Rasheed, Madawi

Politics of Dispossession, The

by Said, Edward W.