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Early Islam

by Stewart, Desmond

Earth in the Attic, The

by Fady Joudah

Earthquake, The

by Tahir Wattar

East from Tunis

by Carrington, Richard

East Winds, West Winds

by Mahdi Issa Al-Saqr

Eastern Arabian Frontiers

by Kelly, J. B.

Ebola '76

by Amir Tag Elsir

Economies of the Arab World, The

by Sayigh, Yusif A.

Edge of Arabia

by Hemming, Henry Porter, Venetia

Edge of Arabia

by Hemming, Henry

Education in Egypt

by Cochran, Judith

Edward W.Lane: A Study

by Ahmed, Leila


by Little, Tom


by Fedden, Robin

Egypt 1798-1952

by Richmond, J.C.B

Egypt in the Arab World

by Dawisha, A. I.

Egypt on the Brink

by Osman, Tarek

Egypt: portrait of a president

by Shoukri, Ghali

Egypt's Belle Epoque

by Mostyn, Trevor

Egyptian Earth

by Abdel Rahman al-Sharqawi

Egyptian Earth

by Al-Sharqawi, Abdel Rahman

Egyptian Upper Class, The

by Baraka, Magda

Egyptian Years

by Tregenza, L. A.

Eight Months on Ghazzah Street

by Mantel, Hilary

Enchanting Oman

by Shirley Kay

End of Spring, The

by Sahar Khalifeh


by Ritter, Scott


by Munif, Abd al-Rahman


by 'Abd al-Rahman Munif Roger Allen

England and the Middle East

by Kedourie, Elie

Eros Island

by Tony Hanania

Eternal Saudi Arabia

by Golt, Rick

Europe and the Middle East

by Hourani, Albert

Europe Speaks Arabic

by Abdur Rahim, Dr. V.

Evidence, The

by Yousifi, Adel Easa

Experiment in Anarchy

by Graves, R. M.

External Audit and Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks

by Banaga, Abdelgadir Ray, Graham H & Tomkins, Cyril R

Eye of the Mirror, The

by Liana Badr