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by Ward, Philip

Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia

by Hopwood, Derek

Hadith Literature

by Siddiqi, Muhammad Zubayr


by M. Levitt

Hamas: A Beginner's Guide

by Hroub, Khaled

Hammaming in the Sham

by Boggs, Richard


by Boualem Sansal

Hashish: A Smuggler's Tale

by De Monfreid, Henry

Hayati, My Life

by Miriam Cooke

Heads Ripe for Plucking

by Wardani, M. Al-

Heart of the Night

by Mahfouz, Naguib

Heritage of Qatar, The

by Vine, Peter Casey, Paula

Heron, The

by Aslan, Ibrahim


by A.R. Norton

Hidden Face of Eve, The

by Saadawi, Nawal El

High Above Jordan

by Taylor, Jane

High Above the Holy Land

by F.F. Bruce

Hill of Gypsies, The

by Kafrawi, Said

History of Anti-Semitism, The

by Poliakov, Leon

History of Anti-Semitism, The

by Poliakov, Leon

History of Islamic Societies, A

by Lapidus, Ira M.

History of Jerusalem, A

by Gray, John

History of Jerusalem, A

by Armstrong, Karen

History of Saudi Arabia, The

by Vassiliev, Alexei

History of the Arab People, A

by Hourani, Albert

History of the Arab Peoples, A

by Hourani, Albert Ruthven, Malise

History of the Arabs

by Hitti, Philip K.

History of the Jews, A

by Halevi, Ilan

History of the Wahabis, The

by Alexandre, Louis De Corancez, Olivier

Holy Land, The

by Sanders

Homage To Etel Adnan

by Boldt, Lindsey Dickison, Steve

Home of Fadeless Splendour, The

by Whittingham, George


by Johnson-Davies, Denys

Homeless Rats

by Fagih, Ahmed


by Tony Hanania

Honey, The

by Zeina B. Ghadour

Honour and Shame

by Sl-Khayyat, Sana

Honour of the Tribe, The

by Rachid Mimouni

Horses of God

by Binebine, Mahi

Hours to Suez, 100

by Henriques, Robert

House at the Edge of Tears, A

by Khoury-Ghata, Venus

House of Jasmine, the

by Abdel Meguid, Ibrahim

House of Many Mansions, A

by Salibi, Kamal

House of Obedience, The

by Minces, Juliette

House of Saud, The

by Holden, David Johns, Richard


by Aburish, Said K.

House of Stone

by Shadid, Anthony

House of the Wolf

by El Kamhawi, Ezzat

House on Arnus Square, The

by Attar, Samar

Houses Behind the Trees

by Mohamed El-Bisatie

Human Rights and Religion

by Dominic McGoldrick


by Mohamed El-Bisatie


by Ali al-Muqri